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​About Long vacation in Japan 


 In Japana, there is a long straight vacation  from  April 27 th to May 6th, and we have many booking on those period. Actually, it's already full booking on May 3th, 4th amd 5th so far. If you are thinking to stay at our place those term, please please consider as soon as possible and booking in advance ( or right now ). 



Canadian Style PUB


We opened  Cnadian style pub in our shared space last year.

We have craft beer, wine, sake, chu-hi (Japanese vodka with soda)

shochu(Japanese distilled spirits) from Kagawa Prefecture or local places in Shikoku islands.

Also there are some original cocktails made with local spirits and seasonal fruits.


Why don't you have a great night at our pub??

Onsen tickets available

We sale Onsen (hot spring) tickets at front.

You can buy it when you check-in or anytime while you staying.

The place is  nearby our place, it takes 7 minutes by car (2.5km)




We can arrange agriculture experience at local warmer for you.

If you are interested in this, please tell us first and booking in advance.

HP →


Making Udon Experience


We can arrange making udon noodle experience with udon myster.

It takes 30 minutes ~ 2 hours to make it, it depend on which cource you choose.

*Maiking and take it away cource  1,000 yen per person (tax included)

*Making and eating it cource 1,500 yen per person (tax included)

If you are interested in this, please tell us first and booking in advance.



~Stay local, feel Shikoku~

Shikoku pilgrimage culture has been passed down for over 1200 years.

The sound of the bell of Kongotsue, wearing a white robe, Wagesa and Sugegasa, echoes in the countryside. The culture called “Osettai” in Shikoku is treating for walking pilgrims, and it is said that the root of Japanese hospitality.

The scenery that is quite common in Shikoku can be felt very naturally and close to you staying at Shippoya. Why don't you stay away from busy life  and make your heart n body calm.

Going to amazing beach you've never seen. Chichibugahama beach is one of highlights around here. You can take incredible natural reflection photos like in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia when it's low tide, no wind n rain. Sunset is the perfect time for chilling out on the beach with some coffee.

Many Japanese people love "Udon" noodles, and the most popular varieties is "Sanuki-Udon" from here in Kagawa prefecture. You'll find Udon shops almost everywhere like at airports, in front of stations, even in the middle of rice paddies. Soup stock is made from dried sardine, it's light taste but rich flavor, and noddle is very chewy, smooth and "Yummy" of course.You can experience the full process from making noodles to eating them at Udon school if you want.

Here in Shippoya is the perfect place if you go travel around Shikoku. We're located on the almost center of Shikoku,  so the accessibility to other prefecture in Shikoku is very good! There are fabulous  attractions all over Shikoku such as mountains, river, ocean, beach, islands, bridges, shrines, temples, architectures, arts, hot springs, foods, Japanese Sake, festivals and other cultures......

Based in Shippoya, let's find your own favorite place in Shikoku that is "only Here"!




I am SEIJI, the owner of BED N CHILL Shippoya.

Love traveling, beer, baseball, BBQ, beach, river and mountains.

Love family, people, talking, Canada, Kagawa so much!!

Working as a company employee, cooking overseas...

I've had a lot of experience, and now I'm the owner of hostel.

We'd love to meet people from all over Japan & the world.

Pilgrims, family trip, solo trip, group trip, work and local people...

We'd like to make an air of cultural exchange all together. 

Not only travel advice but also life consultation

Let's talk about various things together ♪



6 people Mix Dormitory Room


Small Double Room


Tatami Double Room


Triple Room


Quadruple Room




● Facilities

6 peopleMixed dormitory

three bunk beds

semi double size beds

reading light, outlets, small shelf near pillow

personal lockers



air conditioner

room & foot lights

trash boxes

small window

emergency exit (direct access to outside)

Small Double Room (Private)

one bunk bed

semi double size beds


wood bench

air conditioner

room & foot light

trash box

small window

 Tatami Double Room (Private)

washbasin, hand soap & tissue


small desk

air conditioner

room light

trash box

window & curtains

Triple & Quadruple Rooms (Private)

washbasin, hand soap & tissue

hanger & hanger rack

reading light

small chair

air conditioner

room light

trash box

floor-length window & curtains direct access to wood deck

loft beds with dedicated outlets & lights

● Shared bathroom

three washbasins

two washrooms

three shower rooms

two washing machines & hanging dry area  under roof (outside)

● Shared space & living

at first we don't have shared kitche sorry for inconvinience




refrigerator (outside)

glasses, cups, dishes, chopsticks and other utensils

​*To be honest, official website here is the cheapest price *

● Price

1.  One bed at Mixed Dormitory  /  3,500 ~ 4,000 yen

2. Small Double Room ( 1~2ppl )  /  5,000 ~ 11,000 yen
3. Tatami Double Room ( 1 ~ 2ppl )  /  6,000 ~ 12,500 yen

4. Triple Room ( 1~3ppl )  /  7,000~15,500 yen

5. Quadruple ( 1~4ppl )  /  8,000~21,000 yen

6. Whole Dormitory (2~6ppl )  /  13,000~29,000 yen

*tax included, the price depends on season and how many people 


● Check-in  17:00 ~ 21:00     Check-out  10: 00

We don't accept early check-in and late check-out unfortunately.


● Payment

Please pay at the reception on the day by cash, credit cards


● Cancellation
The following penalty will be charged for cancellations made after booking.

4 days or more before the accommodation date No burden 3 days before the accommodation date ~ 100% of the accommodation fee


● Free service

WiFi (all areas at our site)

bed sheets n pillow cases (it has already set)

bath & face towel (return required)

shampoo & conditioner, body & hand soap


cotton swab, tissues, hand sanitizer

washing machine (including detergent) * no dryer

books and magazines

booking taxi 

priceless travel and life consultation lol

● Paid service

BBQ set

we can prepare and clean up everything which you need for BBQ. you just buy meats, vegetables n drinks. If you are curious, please contact us in advance.

Other stuffs for sale

tooth brush, razor, slippers

Delivery service ( domestic only )

when you need it, please tell us

Rental car and motorbike service 

If you want to use this, plese tell us before you come.

● Note

About the price for infants and children

・ For private rooms, over 7 years old kids and above are same price as adults, and 1 child can sleep together for free and it will be charged 1,000 yen from second child. 

・ Baby bed is available 1,000 yen per night

・ For dormitory room, over 7 years old kids can use the room with their parents, but an adult price will be charged. Please contact us in advance.

・ Under 18 years old is not allowed if they aren't accompanied by a guardian.


・ We also rent out whole house or dormitory room for group, so please contact us if you wish.

・ If you use more than the maximum number of persons in private rooms, an additional futon (laying directly on the floor) will be charged 3,500 Yen per set, and a sleeping together will be charged 2,000 Yen. 

・ Please smoke only in the designated area outside.
・ There is no bathtub in the bathrooms, only a shower. Available 24 hours.
・ Alcoholic beverages and all kinds of foods n drinks are prohibited in the rooms. Please eat and drink them at the old house next door.
・ There is no curfew after check-in or early morning check-out, but please be quiet when returning or departing.


Reception & Extrior 

象徴的な宿の入り口 門扉と暖簾


● Is the internet available?

Free WI-FI is available anywhere in our site.


● Is there a credit card or other payment methods available?

Cash, credit (VISA, Master, Amex, Diners), PAYPAY, etc.


● Do you have storage?

Dormitory room has storage that you can use with your own padlock. Padlocks can be purchased at the reception.


● Do you have a washing machine?

There are 2 washing machines and a laundry space under the outdoor eave. It is available for free (including detergent). The available time is 7-22 o'clock. * There is no dryer.


● Is there a parking lot?

Free parking is available. No reservation required.


● Do you have a curfew?

There is no curfew after check-in, but please watch your step and be quiet when you return.


● Are there  restaurants near you?

Yes,  Izakaya is the best answer. It's a Japanese style pub. You can have plenty of beer and sake also wide selection of a casual meals like Yakitori, Sashimi and grilled fish. Ramen store, BBQ restaurants, Chinese or Italian restaurants, and  local ones. Please talk to us.

● Is there a convenience store nearby?

Family Mart in about 8 minutes on foot.


● Is there a station near you?

JR Mino Station in about 12 minutes on foot.


● Do you have hot spring nearby?

There are various hot spring places such as Kotohira hot spring town that is  famous tourist spots, natural hot springs, super sento, old-fashioned retro sento.
There are more than 10 places within a 30-minute drive, so it's definitely bath paradise.




How to enjoy Shippoya

Highlight around here


A photogenic plan that goes around Chichibugahama, Takaya Shrine, Zenigata Sunae, Shiundeyama, Tsushima Shrine.

Shikoku Pilgrimage experience


Kannonji,  Jinnein, Motoyamaji, Iyadaniji, so you can pick all or some of them. Pilgrimage hiking plan.

Island hopping in Setouchi


There are many islands in Setouchi area. One day trip by boat. A plan to enjoy the slowly flowing island time and nature.

BBQ in a large garden
Enjoy the finest chill time with local vegetables, beef, and seafood over a charcoal fire. Even if you get drunk, you can get a bed immediately.
Ghibli location plan


A plan to enjoy the world view of Ghibli around Dogo Onsen, Besshi Dozan, and Hoenike Dam.

Freedom hiking


There are many mountains, hills, river, pounds, beaches and rice fields around here. The way is up to YOU. 

Hidden Japana, Iya


Experience this otherworldly place, teeming with natural wonders, home to legends and adventure, and where old world charm awaits.

 Saijo City


Take a tour of Japanese famous beer brand Asahi to see how to make sake and get to a local sake brewery too. Get some Sake for souvenir.

Affordable paradise, Kirinomori


40-minute drive. After playing in the river, get sweets made by Japanese green tea and hot springs at the end of the day.

Sanctuary of  cycling


Island hopping by bicycle on the Shimanami Kaido. Across 7 islands by 7 bridges in total 70 kilometers.   



Niyodo River in Kouchi.

The water around there is the most crystal clear blue you've never seen.

Izakaya hopping


Izakaya is Japanese style pub, order small tapas foods and many kinds of drinks as well. Discover the hidden local foods n drinks there!

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